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Welcome to this page. This is an personal blog where art/doodles should be the main focus. I am a fan of GIANT ROBOTS, ALIENS, and other misc. things and so, one can expect a lot of Transformers, Mass Effect, ect.

Expect a load of crap. And NSFW doodles.

If you do not like what I post, then please click that lovely little back arrow on your internet browser and return to where you came from c:


Living in a tent, working long shifts, missing a few souls a ton sums up everything.

I made it.

Moving to a different Tumblr account.


The ressemblance is uncanny…

I might relocate elsewhere. But for the mean time… . i’m going offline.

I’m so worried for a great friend. So fucking worried and yet I somehow can’t get a hold of them… No matter how I try. And trust me. I’ve been trying. I’m tempted to send snail mail but what if they don’t want to talk to me? What if I pushed them away? Last thing I want to do is make someone angry. Or what if they’re in danger? Doing so may put them in harms way…..

Fuck fuck fuck I can’t handle this.

I’m like a seagull. I can’t stay grounded and I tend to drop all my shit uncontrollably.

Left without much time for the computer due to moving cross country. Buuuut I do have my phone working for the first time in 4 months. If anyone wants to text/keep in contact, note me.

People ask me sometimes what my strengths are. Writing? I lack in that department more than I do others and while for years it was my strongsuit, that original passion and thirst for writing out adventure after adventure has diminished. Drawing? While I’m not exactly the worst in this department, I still always feel as if i’m being pulled backwards by my own self when it comes to discovering just how far I can push myself. Just how far I can improve. But improvement? It stopped flowing to me many months ago. Music? This was and is something I will always love and while I hope for the tranquil peace of Alaska to help provide me time to relearn where I once was, I know for certain it may never be achieved. I lived and often breathed the product of music. For nearly 9 years I studied daily, practiced my scales, and performed in front of thousands, even a few on national television networks with the band I was associated with. But now? Now my instruments sit at the foot of my cot in a state of depression. No ones touched them, no one even looks at them except I. And even then its once in a blue moon. 

So to be honest. I’m not really strong in one area anymore except for life. Living from day to day is really the only thing I’m good with. Everything else is just… . exceptional. 

And while everything else may not hold up to what I wish, I know that perfection cannot be achieved without trials and errors. And thus, I must return to the paper, the tablet, the keyboard, the guitar, the flute, the accordion, the clarinet, and many other tools I was once so familiar with.


That new armor is just awesome!!!


You Yoshinari designs for Production I.G’s upcoming Mass Effect anime.

Mass Effect 4: First Look


"We don’t know where. We don’t know when. But Mass Effect is going to happen. Thank you. Bye."

I feel so out of place when I’m not able to produce any decent art. Most of it is overly cartoony slabs of bird shit smeared on the windshield.

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